Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The 21st Century Angela Davis

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to attend a fundraiser at Angela Davis' home for preparation of the 10th anniversary of Critical Resistance conference next year. I was curious to meet the person that I had read and heard so much about while I was in prison. According to different literature, Angela Davis was a revolutionary woman who was in the Black Panther's Party, a comrade of George Jackson and other Black revolutionaries among many other things.

When I arrived at Angela Davis' house, the million dollar scenery immediately captured my attention. Then I saw all the white people packed the house. There's two black caters cooking food in the kitchen, a white bartender serving wine. The music was jamming while people eat, drink, mingle and enjoying the view. Then, for the first time in my life, I saw Angela Davis. She looked different from the pictures I saw on books. She's not dark skinned nor does she has an Afro. Instead she wore her golden dyed hair short with curls and her skin was bronze color.

Angela Davis made her pitch to raise funds for next year's Critical Resistance Conference and people donated. At one point she asked whether anyone would like to say something. I was tempted to ask some questions, but decided to hold my tongue for the fear that I would ruin the event. However, I did introduce myself to her.

Our conversation went something like this:

Me - Hi, Ms. Davis. My name is Eddy Zheng. I just want to say hi.
Davis - Hi. Didn't we meet...?
Me - No, this is first time we meet.
Davis - Are you working with the Critical Resistance?
Me - No, I work for CYC for the Community Response Network - Asian Pacific Islander in San Francisco. But I will be participating in the Critical Resistance conference next year.
Davis - So you will be involve with the Critical Resistance.
Me - Yes. Nice to meet you.

I left Angela Davis' house thinking that her house must worth 2 million dollars.


Blogger Camille Remarkable said...

Yeah I was a little disappointed the few times I met her. I am not mad at her for having a lot of money but I find her to be aloof and really disconnected.

Sometimes I feel like I should never meet my heroes.

3:46 AM  
Blogger Camille Remarkable said...

This is an interesting interview with Angela.,,2207188,00.html

Here's a quote:
"It is both humiliating and humbling to discover that a single generation after the events that constructed me as a public personality, I am remembered as a hairdo."

2:55 AM  
Blogger A-Town Graphics -- Leland Wong said...

is this angela davis???

the "revolution" has definitely been good to her.

9:31 PM  
Anonymous CR Member said...

I think it's easy to create people as more then human in your head and then tear them down when they don't meet that expectation.
I would much rather have a conversation about the movement to end the prison industrial complex, whether it has changed over the years and how, if it meets expectations and if not how we can make that happen.
Fundrasiing parties are often a disappointment and are very disconnected sometimes from the communiteis that are most affected and the framework of the movement the party is supposed to be supporting. AS someone who also does grassroots fundraising, i would like to explore how parties to raise money often direct the invitation to those with money instead of to those with little money but much more love and impact (both given and received) in the work. I don't know about you, but when someone down the street's house burns down, there is hella fundraising to support them getting a new place to live, so why can't we do the same to keep ourselves out of the system without resorting to bougie caterer filled, wine-serving house parties?

1:06 PM  
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