Friday, October 19, 2007


Not everyone can stand in front of an audience and speak comfortably. I am fortunated to have no fear when it comes to public speak. Just give me a forum and I can talk for hours, especially when I am talking about myself.

Professor Russell Jeng from the San Francisco State University's Asian American Studies class invited me to speak to the students. It was an honor for me to share my story and experience with university students because they are willing to lisen. One thing I learned from my talk was I need more time to share my story. In order for my sharing to be effective, I have to have two hours. So one thing I thought of doing is to design a curriculum to teach in a class format. That way I can cover all the issues that people are interested in.

I enjoyed sharing with the students after class. They are a captive audience. As the school year continues, I will have many opportunities to share my experiences in the university setting.