Monday, October 01, 2007

Independence Day

Today is the People's Republic of China's Independence Day. It's going into its 58th year. Wherever there's mainland Chinese people in the world, they're celebrating. They're proud to be Chinese. However, whether everyone likes the way the current Chinese government is running the country, that's another story. After all, the ambitious ideology of pursuing a socialist and communist system has disappeared with the embrace of opening to the west and market reform. Capitalism has once again reversed the communist revolution. Freedom comes with conditions. Democracy becomes the new jingoism. "It's the end of the world as we know it." That's just the lyric of a song.

Mao proclaimed at the steps of Tienanmen Square to the world in October 1, 1949, "The Chinese people have stood up." I wonder whether the people are still standing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Eddy,

I find your blog entries to be very thought provoking, I wish you could post more often.

I was curious, how is your deportation case going?

10:21 PM  
Blogger Eddy Zheng said...

Thank you for reading my sharings. I have every intention to post on my blog daily. However, I allow time to slip by me undetected too easily. Also, I have no internet access at home yet. Once I get hooked up, I'll do what I can to write everyday.

As for my deportation case, there's no new development. My appeal is still in the 9th circuit appeal court. That'll probably take another year to resolve. ICE can still deport me during the appeal process. The only reason I'm still here is because the Chinese government has not issue the travel document for me to go back. So, I live on... one day at a time.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find your tribute to Mao's revolution curious. You claim you want to stay in the United States rather than be deported, you rely on the Constitutional protections afforded you to help you stay in this country, yet you call Democracy the "new jingoism" and wax poetic about the "ambitious ideology of pursuing a socialist and communist system".

Are you aware that the ancestors of a majority of Chinese Americans were forced to flee a repressive Communist system where literally millions were purged in the past 58 years for cultural and intellectual dissent against communist ideology? Are you aware that human rights are trodden on daily by the communist Chinese governement in an effort to suppress the personal liberties guaranteed by our democratic government? During your incarceration for home invasion robbery of a Chinese family who had fled communist China, did you somehow miss the massacre in Tiananmen Square in 1989 where Chinese college students dared to raise the "Goddess of Democracy" in an attempt to secure reform against Mao's Chinese government?

My father personally fled China while being shot at by communist soldiers. My grandfather died weeping that he would never be able to return to his homeland, yet thanking God for the freedoms of America.

Based on this blog entry in homage to the People's Republic, you should save ICE and the 9th Circuit time and money and buy your plane ticket back to China ASAP, so you can "stand up" with the communist government.

10:28 PM  
Blogger eddy said...

Sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment, which I appreciate. I've been busy serving the youth and community.

Based on your sharing, I'm sadden to read that you and your family have suffered so much. I do hope that your father is resting in peace and your grandfather will find healing.

In response to your comment, I want to let you know that I am a citizen of this earth of humankind first above anything else. Therefore, I should be afforded the rights as anyone else. However, I'm curious about the statement that you'd made regarding my deportation. Was it motivated by the DEMOCRACY system that you believe in to advocate me to be separted from my family and friends, to place me in danger of being killed or jailed in China and to stop me from serving our youth and community?

Also, I'm curious whether you're awared that the US government that you love and that preaches DEMOCRACY is killing people, stealing lands, commodifying cultures, training killers, raping natural resources, promoting slave labor, just to name a few, in other countries as you're reading these words?

I am Chinese. There is nothing I can do to change that. China is my homeland. The "ambitious ideology of pursuing a socialist and communist system" that I spoke of only lasted a short period of time. Mao had make it happened in 1949 in the Chinese Revolution. Then the capitalist roaders undermined that socialist state.

The government that killed those students in Tiananmen Square was not Mao's government. It is a tyranical government that operates in the pretense of Communism by the capitalist roaders. It is a system where 10% of the people are owning 90% of the wealth and 90% of people are trying to survive under this oppressive and dictatorial system. Does that system sound familiar to other system that is operating?

I will always stand up as a Chinese and with the pure communist government. When a system does not work, we have to change it and not running away from it or denounce for being who we are. I am proud to a Chinese.

May you find peace and healing in your heart.

Power to the people!

11:26 AM  
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