Monday, August 14, 2006

A Better Tomorrow

"Turning to the facts of this case, the record does not reveal evidence of any national security or foreign policy matters implicated in Respondent's application. In addition, the court finds that Respondent's removal would not result in exceptional or extremely unusual hardship to Respondent's immediate relatives with legal status or to the Respondent."

"ORDERED that Respondent be removed to China."

it's final
the immigration judge denied my petitions
to stay in the USA
by exercising his executive decision

national security
extremely unusual hardship
i fail the judged's highest standard

after all
forcing me to live in isolation
chilling my skills
shattering my dreams
separating my family
ruining my life
are nothing unusual or extreme

on top of that
i am a threat
i am a threat
to the security of this nation's
profits and interests
because my presence in society
will somehow reduce
chasms and skepticisms
prevent crimes and racial profiling
stop the cycle of violence
educate and empower
the youth generation
save lives
promote peace and harmony in the community
yes, i am a threat

I am such a threat
the judge conventiently neglected
to mention his decision
that the supervisors of San Francisco
and the youth commission
unanimously passed resolutions
welcoming my presence in this country
that over a hundred letters from the community
voiced a collective demand

free free eddy

after 16 months of
community rallying
witnesses testifying
legal jousting
we lost

we did our best
we organized
we campaigned
we laughed
we cried
we hoped
we waited
but we lost

how did i feel?

i felt your pain and disappointment
i felt your prayers and synergy
i felt your love and compassion

i felt the teflon shield
that concealed my maelstrom of emotions
despicably comfortable
i felt like moving on

what am i going to do?

we lost
the battle
but we have not lost the war

it is no secret or illusion
that it would take a miracle
for us to win
my place in this society
but the miracle i seek
does not come from the sky
it is up to you and i
to continue the battle cry
so with all of you by my side
i have decided to fight
for my rights
and the rights of the voiceless

there is not surrendering to defeat
it is just another opportunity
to honor our struggle

we must fight against injustice
whenever it rears its ugly head
we cannot afford to stay complacent
in this era of immigration apartheid
today they come for the latinos
tomorrow they will come for you
devide and conquer
the oldest trick in the book
no more sweeping snow
from your front door
what does not affect you now
will affect you sooner or later
we must wake up from our apathy
it is time
to take direct action
to educate
to raise awareness
to learn
about issues that affect people in our community

education/health care/housing
peace and freedom
for every citizen on this earth
are what we want

a matyr
i am not
suffering and confinement
i do not enjoy
to live a purposeful life
in my finite journey on this earth
is what i seek
people power
is what i believe

can you see
this is not all about me
it is about we
the people
who are all strangers
from different seas
who have planted our roots
on this part of the earth

your unwavering support/encouragement/solidarity
continue to solidify
my resolve to fight
for a better tomorrow

let us get together
and let love fly
let our strength unite
and our feet in march stride

let's ride

-Eddy Zheng
August 14, 2006


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