Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Parole Blues

When a prisoner paroles, he must wear his personal clothes. The prison will not provide any clothes to a prisoner. Any state-issued clothing must be returned before the prisoner gets released.

There are three ways a prisoner can get his own clothing. One, he can wear the personal clothes he had. Two, someone on the outside can send in parole clothes. Three, a prisoner can buy beige khaki clothes from the state. Anyway to make money.

Today a prisoner was waiting to go home. He had some clothes sent in. When the prison guard gave him the clothes, he found two small plastic bags of marijuana in the jacket pocket. The guy didn't make it home.

Is that crazy or what? How stupid can that guy be to have marijuana sent in on the day he goes home? Good question.

The better question is "Could that prisoner have been set up?" Someone might not want him to get out. Anything is possible.