Thursday, November 18, 2004

Little Intruder

People are outraged. A rat has barged in & took up residence in our dorm. It has chewed through plastic bags, paper bags, Top Ramen, Minute Rice, and left dropping everywhere.

The rat was so bold that it crawled on top of my neighbor's chest while he was sleeping one night. He woke up and found the rat staring down at him.

Five out of seven bunk beds fell prey to the rat. My neighbors were fed up with the intruder. With broomsticks and shoes in hand, they pulled out their bags and boxes to evict the rat. After a detailed search of the dorm, the rat was nowhere in sight.

Everyone vowed to catch the rat. Someone suggested catching it in a more humane way by using a trap that wouldn't kill it. Surprisingly, the majority of the people agreed to the idea.

Let's hope the rat can sense its possible defense and move on.