Friday, January 28, 2005

Stand Up For Your Rights

I want to send my respect to the Asian sister who works in Hot 97 radio station in LA for refusing to condone the airing of a racist song making fun of the victims of the tsunami. Thank you for speaking up against your coworkers and standing up for yourself and all Asians.

I also want to give a shout out to DJ Jin for spitting his words of battle cry against ignorance and representing.

As I tuned into KPFA's APEX Express and Harknock Radio and heard about the Hot 97 station's making a song calling the victims of the tsunami chinks and chinamen, my blood was boiling. How can anyone be so callous and ignorant to make fun of hundreds of thousands of perished people, especially from a couple of Africa Americans?! Haven't African Americans suffered from racism throughout their history? Why would anyone want to perpetuate racism when they are still victims of it? What is so funny about human beings dying? Where is the hate coming from? Why is the oppressed still hating on the oppressed? Where is the solidarity among minorities?

I truly hope that those two individuals and those who condoned their behavior learn from their ignorant actions because injustice anywhere will not be tolerated and ignorance is not an excuse to perpetuate racism.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The oppressed standing up with the other oppressed? You make me want to vomit. Blacks are the most racist people in the country. And by the way, how exactly have you been oppressed? From what I've read about you it is YOU who have been the oppressor. I'm writing a letter to the governor and any other relevent person I can find and insist that they deport your whiny ass back to China. I'm tired of feeding you.

All of your posts indicate one thing to me: That you are moving in an ideological direction that paints yourself out to be a member of a "victim" class. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Sean Smith

10:37 PM  
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