Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Late Night Surprises

In anticipation of the state-sanctioned murder at San Quentin State Prison, I stayed up and listened to KPFA's live coverage.

To my surprise, Assemblyman Mark Leno was one of the speakers opposing the death penalty. Assemblyman Leno is also the chairman of the Public Safety Committee. He also supports my parole.

Some time during the broadcast, I dozed off. As if I were in a dream-like state, I heard a soothing and meditative voice through the airwaves. I was pleasantly surprised that it was my friend Diana Liun from the Buddhist Peace Fellowship in Berkeley.

I met Diana about 10 years ago during an Alternative Violence Workshop in San Quentin. We have been friends since then. She is a warrior of peace and practitioner of social engaged Buddhism. She is always helping others, speaking against injustice and spreading peace.

I'm always grateful to have her unconditional support.

Diana mentioned that Sister Helen Prejean will be speaking in Berkeley on January 23rd. Please go check it out.


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