Thursday, December 02, 2004

It's All Bad

It's almost 8 o'clock. The Fox TV show O.C. is about to come on. My bunky, my neighbor, and I were in our beds waiting to watch the show (yes, I indulge myself in some TV shows for entertainment).

Then minutes later, the alarm went off in the building. A fight broke out. My bunky, neighbor, and another Asian guy were fighting with one black guy. The guards used pepper spray to stop the fight and ordered everyone to get down ont he ground.

It looked bad. Three young Asians beating up an older black man. The entire black population was outraged. It escalated to a racial confrontation.

Everyone jumped to the conclusion and wanted to retaliate. They didn't know what caused the fight. Their emotions blinded their eyes & reasoning.

An Asian was attacked.

The Asians were outraged. They grouped together to evaluate the situation.

The blacks grouped together and started moving toward the Asian mob mentality.

The guards were sitting in their chairs - doing nothing.

Racial tension was thick in the air. THe blacks and Asians were in a stand off. As the saying goes, "One feather would have broken the camel's back."

I stayed in my bed area observing - heart at peace, but mind racing. It was 11:35pm. Any second could've been the end of my future. I knew what I had to do. My heart was at peace but my mind was racing & crystal clear. I had a responsibility to myself, family, friends, & society.

A trace was called. There was communication. Racial tensions lessened, but still lingered.

The truth was revealed. The black guy, whose mentality unstabled, hit the Asian guy on two occasions. He also had similar run-ins with two other blacks. The building guards were notified of the problem. The guard did nothing. The second time, the Asian was hit, the other two Asians jumped in (not an excuse, only mitigating factor).

There were plenty of ways to deal with the situation non-violently. However, there was no communication. The three Asians were young, dumb, and full of ignorance.

Acting without thinking almost led to a race riot.

The struggle for peace and harmony continues...


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