Thursday, September 09, 2004


I received a package of goodies today. My brother-in-law ordered some food items through a prison-approved vendor for me. I'm allowed to have one care package a quarter. It's a treat to have some goodies that I normally can't buy from the prison canteen.

However, having a package of goodies can be a headache. I have to share them with my friends in the building. Now, if I only had one friend, that would be fine. But I'm a person with many friends. It's difficult for me to decide who to share the goodies with because they share with me when they get their packages. I don't want to leave anyone out. I know that I don't have enough to go around. That's why I ordered some hard candies and candy bars to share with my friends.

I had twelve Almond Joy candy bars, six packs of M&M's, a 10-oz. bag of classic strawberry-filled hard candy, and four udon noodles. By bed time, I'm left with three Almond Joys, one pack of M&M's, and a handful of hard candies.

It felt good to share my goodies with people and watch their appreciative faces. A little sweetness goes a long way.