Thursday, August 26, 2004

Random Thoughts

A Jewish life prisoner was granted parole after being in prison for 23 years. He will be going back to Israel after the Governor approves the Board of Prison Terms' decision.

U.S. women's soccer team - awesome!

Tears lubricated my eyes when I received an autographed copy of Ishle's book and saw my name in the acknowledgement section, right next to Yuri's.

My heart felt toasty warm when I read the letter from the good Reverend of Chinatown Community Development Center and signed by its staff workers.

The good Reverend asked me to "promise after your release you will do good things for society and teach others to avoid making bad decisions in their youth..."

I have been doing good things for society in the last ten years and teaching others to avoid making bad decisions in their youth and adulthood.

I can't imagine myself doing harm to anyone or any society. I promise that I will continue to let my actions speak for themselves.