Monday, August 30, 2004

Competent Testing

I was sitting in my office when a correctional sergeant walked in and asked which one was my girlfriend. I turned around and recognized my ex-supervisor. He was referring to the female pictures that were posted on the bulletin board. My coworker had pinned up some pictures cut from magazines. The only thing I had up was the flyer of Jane Kim for School Board. So I shoved the flyer to the sergeant and asked him to donate some money to her campaign.

After he finished reading the ABCs of Jane's campaign, he said she didn't talk about mandatory testing for teachers to ensure that kids to get a quality education. He referred to how incompetent the teachers teaching in the prison education programs are. He felt that all teachers should be tested preiodically. He said that if Jane pushes for mandatory testing, she'll get some opposition.

I agreed with him that our teachers should be qualified to teach and that all children should receive the same education equally. I asked the sergeant how can children get the same quality education when more money is spent in the prison system than the schools? The incompetent teachers he mentioned are only here for the good benefits and decent money. The same is true with the dentists and doctors who work in the prisons. Many of them are retired and some of them couldn't make it in their practices. Working for the prison is easy money with good benefits. They don't pride themselves for their quality of work. The sergeant agreed with me. I told him I'll mention his concern to my friend.