Sunday, September 26, 2004


The yard was closed this afternoon due to some construction work being done on a handball court. It interfered wtih my workout schedule. I decided to exercise in the building.

My bunkie Lazy was getting ready to do some burpees with two other guys. I told him that I would join them.

Burpees is a popular form of exercise in prison, especially in the Security Housing Units (SHU) and Administrative Segregation (Ad Seg). Because prisoners in SHU and Ad Seg are locked in their cells on an average of 23 hours a day, doing burpees is the best way to keep in shape physically and mentally. Some prisoners can often do up to a thousand burpees each workout. Of course, this requires training and discipline of the mind.

A burpee starts from a standing position eith legs closed. Go down to a squat position (1 count), kick your legs out to a push-up position (2 count), drop down (3 count), push up (4 count), kick your legs back to squat position (5 count), and stand up (6 count). That's a total of six counts, each motion is a count. That is one push up and one kick. If you do two push ups and two kicks that would add the motion to ten counts.

Since we have four people doing burpees, we decided to do it seesaw. Two people would go down first. After they stand up, the other two go down and so forth.

We started out with 20 times 22 counts of burpees. That's doing 5 pushups with 5 kicks, which add up to 100 pushups and 100 kicks. Then we descended to 4 push ups, 20 times 18 counts, then 20 times 14 counts, 20 times 10 counts, and we finished the exercise with 10 times 44 counts, which is another 100 push ups and 100 kicks. By the time we finished we did 390 push ups and 390 kicks.

My whole body was covered in sweat and left a puddle of water on the ground. That was just a light workout. I felt like I was lighter.

Ther're a variety of combination burpees that can be done. It's an excellent way to build endurance, tone, muscle, and burn calories.

I'll teach those of you who want to learn how to do burpees one day.


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