Monday, April 10, 2006

Who Cares?

The phone shut off suddenly while I was talking to my attorney's assistant this morning. I was 5 minutes into the collect call. My attorney and I had scheduled the time to prepare for my upcoming hearing. I pressed the intercom button and requested to speak to a unit supervisor to inquire why the phone cut off. A deputy referred me to talk to another deputy when he came into the living area.

The deputy informed me that the phone was cut off because they had to transport prisoners. He said that the supervisor was too busy to see me and suggested that I fill out a grievance.

The phone shut off suddenly while I was waiting to talk to my attorney in the afternoon. I was 5 minutes into the collect call.

I requested to talk to the supervisor and was again referred to the deputy. I talked to the deputy and received the same reply. When I called my attorney the third time, he was not in his office.

Who cares about my due process rights?
Who cares about my mental well being?
Who cares that I wasted 21 dollars?
Who cares that I'm fighting for my freedom?
Who cares that those in uniform can mess with my life?


Blogger adrienne said...

I'm posting this on my blog too. I know a lot of sisters and brothers behind bars are waiting, Eddy. We stand in solidarity with you. Thank you for making this blog.

3:05 AM  
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