Monday, February 20, 2006

The Day Before the Murder

San Quentin Prison is on lockdown today because the state-sanctioned murder of a human being is going to take place at midnight.

All the prisoners will be confined to their living areas to avoid any unrest. Also, they'll get extra goodies for dinner. It's one way to pacify the prisoners. That has been a policy since execution was resumed in 1992.

Rumor has it, back in the old days, when the state killed a prisoner, the prisoners would kill a guard in revenge. The cycle of killing never stops.

Who is to say one life is more valuable than another?

All lives are miracles. Let's stop the killing and get busy loving.


Blogger Right Wing Nut said...

"Who is to say one life is more valuable than another?"

Have you completely lost your sense of morality? In the spiritual sense, all lives are sacred, but the truth is that the state is not extinguishing innocent spirits. Instead, the state is punishing people for specific acts that they have committed. And, in the case of certain condemned prisoners, the people are saying you have committed an act so outside the bounds of civilized society that we no longer accept you as a member of our society.

According to your logic, if executions are not permitted because it values one life over another, then what do you say about incarceration? Doesn't allowing certain people to live freely while condemning others to a long existence behind bars also value one life over another?

The truth is that there is no cycle of violence--at least between California and criminals. It's a fiction. Criminals and civilized people are not engaged in the same type of battle that exist between rival gangs or the Sunni and Shia in Iraq. If ending capital punishment would stop murderers from murdering, then there would be no killings in Europe...or California for that matter.

Despite what you say about California, the rate in which capital punishment is carried out in that state is slow. Literraly, only a handful, if that, are executed each year. California is no Texas, for better or worse. And, if you compared the number of killings by the state and by criminals, the executions are overwhelmingly carried out by the criminals, and not the state of California.

No one likes to see the life of a fellow human being extinguished. But your aim is misdirected. Focus on the hundreds of murders each year - ones that truly snuff out innocent lives. Not, the handful that remove criminals who have been convicted of the worst offenses from our society.

5:04 AM  
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