Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dear Anonymous

Each time I talk, read, or think about the crime I've committed at age 16, I always feel a strong sense of guilt and shame. I don't think that feeling will ever disappear, even if I live to be 80 years old.

I take full responsibility for my actions. I don't deny or minimize my role in the crimes I had committed. I know what I did and have no reason to hide anything.

I apologize to my victims, my family, and society for the wrongs I've done.

I feel your pain and emotions that come through your words. I'm sorry that you feel that way. You have every right to be angry at that 16-year-old who had committed those crimes.

None of my friends or supporters will ever condone or accept the behavior of that 16-year-old. They love and support me for being who I am, not who I used to be. I'm grateful for that.

If my supporters want to know the details of the crimes I had committed 20 years ago, they can write to me directly.

Just to get the facts straight:

I held the victims captive for over 6 hours.

I did strip naked the female victim, but not at gunpoint.

I did not intend or threaten to rape her.

If you had read what the press wrote about me or checked my file, you would know that.

May peace be with you.


Blogger Right Wing Nut said...

Thank you for your honesty. According to the press accounts, you had a prior criminal record - if I recall correctly for auto theft or something of that nature. Did your parents deal with you any differently after those earlier events? What was your mentality at that time?

You have proven me wrong. I apologize and will try to adopt a more polite tone in the future. God bless.

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Zheng,

I applaud your honesty and candor in posting the facts of your case on your blog site. But I still oppose you remaining in this Country.

After 15 days I didn't think you would respond, but I'm glad you proved me wrong, if for no other reason than to hear you recite the true facts of your crime. Taking responsiblity for your actions is admirable, but up until now, I'd never seen you do it.

I invited you to detail the specifics of your crime, because the press and yourself over the past year had conveniently described your crime as a "robbery".

What you did was much more than robbery.

A "robbery" as most lay persons would think about it would involve a strong-arm robbery such as a purse snatching, or perhaps a robbery at gunpoint of a 7-11, or a person at an ATM. An act in which a person is robbed quickly of their money, then left alone.

But you had SIX HOURS while holding that family captive to reflect on the brutal nature of your actions, and to cease and desist. You had SIX HOURS to come to the realization that you were inflicting terrible horrors on an innocent family, and to walk away.

You never did.

You only stopped when a police officer luckily intervened and pulled your car over for a traffic violation.

What would you have done with that family if you had not been stopped by that police officer, and instead made it back to their house?

What you did was more than robbery, and you know it. It was false imprisonment of four victims, kidnapping (when you took the wife from her home to her store to loot the store), first degree robbery, first degree burglary (of the home), second degree burglary (of the store), sexual assault, and assault with intent to commit rape or any other felony (robbery).

Second, I harbor no bitterness, pain or hatred toward you. I work in a job upholding the law, and speaking for the victims of crime. My main objection to your blog and your press was that you continued to downplay the specific nature of your crime, and blithely referred to it as a "robbery".

You served 19 years of a life sentence, and were lawfully paroled. Under the eyes of the law, you have served your debt to society. While I personally disagree with your parole, I respect the rule of law. My hope for you is that you are truthful in your regret and reformation, and that you will be a productive member of the human race from this point forward -- in another country.

I oppose your request to stay in this country not out of any hatred toward you. I don't know you.

But quite simply, I believe that at sixteen years of age, you knew right from wrong, and I believe you were old enough to appreciate and enjoy the benefits this Country had to offer. And you chose to use the freedoms of this country to commit a violent crime, and bring terror and pain to an innocent family.

You do not now or ever deserve to be given a second chance to become a productive member of this Country.

As a child of immigrants myself, I know too many people who grew up in your similar situation who never did anything close to what you did.

What you did was cold-blooded, brutal, and calculating -- not matter what your age.

You speak eloquently on your behalf. But I speak for victims of crime. And some acts are too terrible to ever completely atone for.

10:58 PM  
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