Saturday, April 30, 2005

Update on Muhammad

Muhammad is actually in solitary confinement because he is locked in a cell by himself and only allowed to come out once a day for an hour.

He did not do anything wrong, nor did he ask to be housed by himself. The Deputy put him in a single cell because of his mental condition. However, he's not provided with any medical or psychological help.

Muhammad has been urinating on the floor in his cell. When confronted by other detainees about the staggering smell, he says it's his cell and he does what he pleases.

Two deputies brought in a set of clean bedding and escorted Muhammad to another holding cell so two detainees could clean his cell.

Muhammad showers every day. Most of the time he gets what he wants from other detainees when he tells them that he'll behave himself.

Just how mental is Muhammad?


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