Friday, March 25, 2005

In for the Long Haul

The ride to the City was more bearable this morning. Instead of the "dog pound" van, we traveled in a bigger and rommier van. The ICE agent put me in a cage with three female detainees because there was not enough room in the male cage. I guess I looked more respectable than the others. The radio blasted music from the '80s. That was a treat.

My hearing was scehduled for 9:30 with the new judge Anthony Murray. Judge Yamaguchi recused himself from my case. Because of the media attention and support generated for my case, the ICE agents were jumpy. The agent in charge made sure that I finished my proceeding quickly so he could get me out of the courtroom.

Like my previous hearing, my supporters packed the courtroom. I'm grateful for their presence. They took time off work to attend my hearing. Their presence encouraged me to stay strong. With support like that, I can't lose.

The agent in charge rushed me out of the ourtroom. Later on, he told me that he's aware that half of the world wants me out, but I'm costing too much of his agents' time. He restricted me to a one-hour visit with my attorney and friends, even though visiting hours were from 11am to 3pm. For that reason, I didn't get too see my family and a few other friends. I didn't like that, but I'm just an immigration detainee.

The ride back to Yuba was horrible. I'm glad that I don't have to travel like that for a while.

Until my next hearing, which is subject to change, I'll be detained in Yuba County Jail. Please don't come visit me. It's a long drive. However, you're always welcome to write:

Zheng Xiao Fei
P.O. Box 1031
Marysville CA 95901


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