Tuesday, March 15, 2005


It seems like everywhere I go inside the jail, there's a camera pointing at me.

When I was in Sansome Street's ICE detention area, there were cameras everywhere. I remember walking down a corridor with a female ICE agent by ourselves. I jokingly asked her whether she was going to attack me. She pointed out to me that someone's watching us at all times.

In Yuba County Jail, I don't even have to be escorted when I go to visit or to medical. I just walk by myself.

Today, I go to medical for routine questioning. Every door is electronically controlled by a deputy. I walk into an elevator and the door closes. A camera is inside. I walk out of the elevator and a camera is pointing at me. A nurse with a walkie talkie waits for me by the door. After I sit down next to the nurse, I notice a camera pointed directly at my face.

The only place that doesn't have a camera is inside the cell. However, there's an intercom connected to the control booth. The deputy can listen in anytime he wants.

You never know who's watching you or listening in on your conversation.


Blogger Bradley James said...

Dear Eddy,

My heart leaps for joy for you dear friend. I will send a letter in the mail but loved following your blog. I wanted to attend the hearing on Wed. but am stuck in Southern California. Ia sked a friend in Oakland if he could attend for me. I will copy and pring your blog and send it to Sister Salome in Africa. She asked about you on the phone recently and promised to keep you in her prayers...as I do. Keep up the good work. You are a hero of hope and strength to so many, especially me. Your work is only beginning!! Love to you, Bradley James

8:32 PM  
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