Friday, January 14, 2005

Documentary in the Making

The last time I talked to Anne, she was in the shower of a gym surrounded by naked women. I guess I called her at the opportune time.

I talked to Anne today, at home this time. She asked whether I wanted to hear myself in audio. I said all right. She played a couple minutes of my closing statement during my parole hearing. My voice sounded foreign to me. Maybe that's because I rarely get to ehar myself on tape. Now I know how I sound to people.

Anne is a documentary producer who has been taping my parole hearings for the past four years. She's making a documentary on the plight of life prisoners independently. She raises funds by herself to finish this project. She's shooting footage of four other lifers in different California prisons. It's a huge struggle to raise funds, but she hasn't given up. She has the support of two award-winning cameramen.

In the mean time, Anne told me she's making a short DVD of my previous hearings and sending it to the governor. That's her way of expressing support for me.

I'm grateful for her tenacity and determination to work on the documentary to educate the public on the plight of life prisoners in California's prison system.


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