Saturday, October 23, 2004

Double the Pleasure

Sami asked me to draw her a cat. How could I refuse the request from such a beautiful angel?! I made an attempt to draw Chococat with crayon. Sami's mom laughed at the unrecognizable figure that I drew. Yup, I couldn't draw to get a parole date. The important thing was that Sami liked it.

Juju stayed out of sight while I was talking to his mom. He stood behind his mom's chair silently. I found myself worrying whenever I couldn't see him. I wanted to know where the kids were at all times.

It's been more than 5 years since we saw each other. It was a super-pleasant surprise when Carol came to visit me on a rainy day with her 3-year-old twins. I didn't recognize her at first because I never expected her to show up even though she told me that she would in her letter.

We kicked it and caught up with each other's lives. At the same time, we watched over the twins while they engaged in their own world. I was in a zone being with them. I had the taste of what having a family was like. I love it. I definitely want to have kids of my own one day.

I'm extremely proud of Carol because she's a single parent who's able to hold down a job and nurture two kids. When I caught a few glimpses of Carol the Mom in action, she was glowing. She is a super mom.

Sami melted my heart while I was holding Juju in my right arm and she ran towards me with open arms for me to pick her up.

I doubt that the twins will remember the four hours we had spent together, but I will always remember and cherish the joy Carol and the twins brought me today.


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