Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Con Artist

There is a con artist going around in San Francisco's Tenderloin district targeting youth non-profit organizations.

This afternoon I received a call from a person from a collaborative youth organization telling me that her laptop and cell phone were taken by a con artist.

Well, that was the same person who came to my organization and got me for my personal cell phone.

The guy claimed to work for Charles Swabb and was dropping off some donated computers for the organization. He asked for tax write-off receipt. Then he would scope the place out while pretending to learn more about the organization. Next he would ask for some coffee as a distraction. Then he would make his move to take valuables while nobody's looking.

The reason he got me was because he said he was going to donate 150 gifts for the youth in the Christmas party that the Community Youth Center is organizing. I got too excited and never saw all the warning signs.

So far this guy had struck twice and succeeded. He's going to do it again until he's caught. Hopefully it will be soon.

Here's his profile:

Light skinned black male
early 40s to mid 40s
around 6 foot 1
approximately 175lbs to 180lbs
solid built
almost shaved head
wore big name brand sunglasses
wore hat or beanie
claimed to be from Charles Swabb to donate computers
claimed to left cell phone and business card in his car
carries a remote home entertainment system as prop
ask for coffee to distract attention so he can scope out the area and makes his move